Venue Security

Titanium Security Services

We have been providing security services to the hospitality industry for years. We provide security from local pubs through to five star hotels.

We tailor our security services to individually meet our client’s requirements. We maintain the same staff and supervisors at the venues to ensure consistency.

Our staff is currently being trained to Level III Hospitality and Certificate IV in risk management to give you the client the ability to reduce overall staff numbers and not incur security as an extra cost.

We also conduct Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and Responsible Service of Gaming (RSOG) courses for our clients and their staff.

Guards are selected to fit the clients venue and the demographic of the patrons attending the venue. The guards are the key elements to providing the venue with the initial impact a venue requires.

The hosting guards set the scene and are the first and last people that are seen when people attend the venue. They must fit the venue and the vision of the client and their venue.

Guards must become a host in this day and age and not the bouncer of old. They are to provide a service to the patrons and provide a safe working environment for all staff and patrons alike.

The correct company will not only provide the client with a secure venue but be an asset to their business and an asset to the patrons that attend the venue.

Titanium are a company that understands their client and delivers their expectations of security hosting guards.